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About Altus Traffic SA Operations

Altus Traffic has built a reputation around being able to service a customer anywhere in Australia with consistency and professionalism. We have achieved this with our extensive footprint and physical resources in our fleet and people. Altus Traffic is capable of meeting the requirements of Australia’s largest projects and smallest niches with No Delays, No Injuries and No Worries.





Stefan Webb (General Manager - SA)


Stefan has been in Senior Management with Altus Traffic for 2 years and previously in Senior Retail Management with the Woolworths Group for 5 years where he completed Cert 3 in Retail Operations.   Stefan has been a significant contributor to the growth of the South Australian Branch and has been instrumental in improving operational systems to help increase productivity of the business.  Stefan has managed major projects and annual events that require extensive personnel, equipment and organisation.



Russell McAdam (Client Engagement Manager)


Russell has been employed as the Senior Operational Planner for Altus Traffic Adelaide for 15 months and was previously employed for 2 years by Deneefe Signs as Manager of Manufacturing. He has spent the previous 15 years heavily involved in Hospitality in various roles such as Marketing Manager, Event Manager, Club Coordinator and DJ/Promotions. In his Tertiary Education he has completed a certificate 3 in Information Technology and is still enrolled at UNISA and has completed the first 3 years of a Degree in Industrial Design. Russell has been a significant contributor in vastly improving the level of productivity, efficiency, professionalism and adherence to regulation of the planning department of Altus Traffic Adelaide. He has been involved in operations and planning for all major events and projects in South Australia including the Urban Superway, Seaford Rail Project, Tour Down Under and Norwood Christmas Pageant.



People and Recruitment

Altus has a full time HR expert working in the business along with substantial HR support at State level. All operational staff involved in recruitment are mentored by our HR manager and robust recruitment systems are employed to raise the bar with respect to gaining employment with Altus. In addition, Altus has national agreements with a number of larger recruiters further assisting our recruitment efforts in those times of higher recruiting requirements. Overall, Altus has the systems and people in place to ensure we are well resourced at all times.


RTO and Training

Altus Traffic Pty Ltd is currently in the process of becoming a Registered Training Organization. This will enable us to conduct training internally giving Altus the ability and flexibility to supply all staff with high level accreditations and competencies as required, for both planned and unplanned needs. We believe there are significant efficiencies to be gained by becoming an RTO which in turn benefits our clients. Certification is expected towards mid 2011.



Altus Traffic currently has a fleet in excess of 300 vehicles with a combination of light trucks and utility vehicles. Altus has a long standing relationship with Toyota Australia and has senior corporate account management in place. Altus management and Toyota Australia have regular planning meetings to ensure our requirements are well catered for and vehicles are available as and when required to meet our operational needs. 


Altus fleet maintenance is managed by Fleetcare Australia, a specialist provider of fleet management solutions. Fleetcare are an active part of the Altus business and work tirelessly with our State Managers ensuring their fleet is maintained to a high level of readiness for all operational requirements. All vehicles in our fleet enjoy roadside assistance which minimises the operational risk associated with those vehicle issues that do occur from time to time. Our fleet is covered 24/7 ensuring no delays or issues.    


In addition to our ability to resource our own new vehicles, Altus have national supply agreements in place with hire car companies, Europcar, Budget and Thrifty. This ensures that even at a moment’s notice we are able to meet short term spikes in our customer’s requirements.


Altus also own and can supply as required water barriers, pedestrian barriers, containment fencing, variable message boards, static notice boards, trailer mounted arrow boards, portable traffic lights, crash attenuators and have an installation team for temporary and long term sites to compliment its Traffic Management service.


Systems and IT

Altus has invested in state of the art IT systems to support all facets of the business. Scheduling, invoicing and payroll are all part of an integrated system that ensure higher degrees of accuracy in invoicing but also significant reporting capability for our customers. CRM and HRM systems assist the business in tracking all training and ensuring transparency in ensuring all members of the team are appropriately trained and meet the requirements of any job they attend.   Altus currently roster upwards of 900 staff per day and have the IT system capability to manage many more.


Altus runs of a significant IT platform, with the servers housed at a state of the art collocation site, ensuring maximum connectivity and insurance against power outages and downtime. All systems have dual backups with automatic cutovers in the event of a serious server failure. This guarantees their ability to always be ready to meet all requirements at all times.



Latest Projects

  • Rail Car Depot Relocation (Bauldersrtone)
  • South Rd Tram Overpass (JHG)
  • Bank St Apartments (JHG)
  • Marion Aquatic Centre (Candetti)
  • Seaford Rail Project (Thiess/McDow)
  • South Rd Superway (JHG)
  • G6 Asphalt Contract (Downer EDI Works)
  • Boral
  • Downer EDI Works



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