Innovative Systems

As an industry leader, Altus continually strives to innovate both its upstream and downstream operations, with an objective of improving safety outcomes and commercial performance.

Key areas of upstream innovation have included:

  • Drop Deck Truck Design and Development - Altus introduced the Drop Deck Truck to the Australian market for use on the M2 Hills Motorway Widening Project in NSW. The Drop Deck Truck was unique in that it allowed delineation to be placed on the roadway by an operator harnessed inside the truck tray. Safety outcomes were improved as road workers no longer needed to walk on the roadway to deploy cones. Commercial performance improved as traffic setups such as contraflows could be installed in around half the time of traditional methods. Drop Deck Trucks are now commonly used by many of Australia’s leading traffic companies.
  • Adoption of Remote Mobile Traffic Lights - Altus commenced using Remote Mobile Traffic Lights for stop/slow and gate management scenarios, again in support of improved safety and commercial outcomes. By using a remotely managed traffic light, roadworkers no longer need to be present at the head of a traffic queue for stop/slow traffic or construction gate management and instead can operate the devices at a safe distance from traffic. Additionally, with up to four traffic lights able to be used by a single operator, the need for additional labour and associated costs may also be reduced.
  • Digital Workflow Management - Altus has adopted tablets and associated applications to improve the workflow and quality of service undertaken by its traffic control staff. Tablets are beneficial insofar as they allow all real time planning and permits to be available on the device, along with associated job safety documentation. Additionally, they facilitate site diary management ensuring that chargeable time on site is tracked and synched with back office systems for faster and more accurate invoicing. The tablets also provide a means for communicating with traffic control staff in real time and allowing them to report issues such as near misses immediately.

In addition to the above, Altus has been active in innovating the customer experience through the way in which it engages with project teams and through pursuing novel contracting methodologies. For example, we regularly embed our staff in customer teams to improve performance and coordination of the traffic function, allowing them to access the broader Altus infrastructure and drive savings in traffic spend.

Similarly, we are active in the development of joint ventures and other forms of risk/reward partnerships with customers given our ability to drive efficiencies and P&L improvements across projects and contracts.

If you’re looking for a traffic management company with the track record and ability to continually innovate and drive improved safety and commercial outcomes, then we look forward to hearing from you.