Value Creation

Altus Traffic has assembled its systems, capital, resources and people to drive value for customers through the delivery of a full range of traffic management services. We do this by focusing our activities on those imperatives that underpin customer success:

  • Safety through technical excellence
  • Commercial efficiencies and performance
  • Enhancement of customer brands

Safety is our why and our role in the safety value chain is a crucially important one. Through technical excellence in planning, provisioning and services execution, our goal is to get everyone home safely - our customer’s staff, their contractors staff, the public who interact with our worksites in a myriad of ways, and of course our own staff. Through the relentless pursuit of technical excellence we ensure that the risks inherent to working on the road are safely managed and that customers can operate with the assurance and confidence that both their moral and legal obligations are being met.

Commercial efficiencies and helping our customers succeed are our how. By drawing on our traffic domain expertise and experience, we work to create efficiencies in resourcing and value for customers where it matters, on their bottom line. Sophisticated operators understand that rates don’t drive traffic spend, volumes do, and through coordinated planning, novel operating methodologies and quality services execution, we help customers to reduce traffic spend.

Moreover, we work with our customers to derive value from their other contractors. By providing faster setup and packup times, more favourable network access, responsive provisioning & scheduling as well as integrated hire, we help customers to benefit from the increased time made available to contractors through improved productivity and earlier finishes.

And while commercial performance is important, we also recognise that our customers often have customers of their own and we can make a valuable contribution to their brand. Consequently, we work to present the best, most professional image possible across all our touch points, be it planning meetings, stakeholder consultations, contract reviews, safety toolboxes, supervisory activity, public interactions with traffic controllers and more, acknowledging that our performance reflects on our customer’s image. In other words, the better we do, the better they do.

If you’re looking for a traffic management partner who has a track record in creating safety, commercial and reputational value for its customers, we look forward to hearing from you.