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VBA Toolbox for NRSW

Peter Frazer of presenting to a VBA NSW toolbox on the importance of protecting vulnerable road users in the lead up to National Road Safety Week. Many thanks to the VBA team for hosting. #nrsw #yellowribbon #drivesos #gettingyouhomesafely

Connected & Automated Vehicles - Heaven or Hell?

Jeff Doyle with Roads Australia delegation at Uber HQ Pittsburgh, looking to understand the potential impact of driverless vehicles on our industry. read more

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Celebrating the Irish Connection

Jeff Doyle and James Pennings with a great bunch of guests at the Irish Chamber of Commerce St Patricks Day Annual Luncheon in Melbourne #teamaltus #gettingyouhomesafely

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Downer Microsurfacing Team Awarded

Congratulations to our partners at the Downer Microsurfacing Team for taking out the 2017 ISSA Presidents Award for Excellence. First time in over a decade it has been awarded to a company outside the US! #relationshipscreatingsuccess

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Altus and The Boss

Altus assisted thousands of fans through the gates of Hanging Rock over the weekend to watch 'The Boss' Bruce Springsteen perform. A massive event! #altusarmy #altusevents #gettingyouhomesafely

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